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Web Hosting Review on WPX Pro's and Con's 2023

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

This review is the fist of many on the way for WPX. There are other cheaper providers on the market, but once you have experienced what they have to offer, you will definitely be happy with your choice and realise how much time and effort you have saved by choosing them.


If you are searching for a web hosting provider that gives unrivalled customer care and does exactly what it says on the tin, then WPX is the company for you. This is speaking from experience as I have been with them for the past two years and have had assistance from start to finish in every aspect of my journey. Even if you want to switch provider WPX will run your WordPress site safely and hassle free, leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of your site or business.

The main Free perks that you can expect with WPX consist of -

Free Site Migration

Free Site Speed Optimisation

Lightning Fast EDN

Free Site Fixes id Down

Free Unlimited SSL Certificates

24/7 and 365 Customer support (Which I have tested)

Top reasons I would choose WPX Web Hosting

  • Extremely Fast and Reliable Web Hosting

One of the points that is at the top of my list is the fact that when I swapped provider from Bluehost, my website speed saw an instant increase in the speed my pages loaded. The increase in speed after optimisation was around 165 percent and within a few weeks I saw an increase of six percent on my click through rate. As WPX focuses only on managed WordPress Hosting, it means that this will have a positive impact on your website performance and loading times. In basic terms, everything is a lot quicker. This is overlooked by many customers looking for hosting, but plays a huge part in the success of your website.

  • Two Months Free Hosting When You Sign Up For A Plan

If you take a look below you can clearly see that they have an amazing TrustPilot score compared to the other hosts, which is why I mentioned earlier about the level of support you receive with WPX. You also get FREE site migrations, which Bluehost can charge up to $200 or more for this service. When you see them side by side like this, you can see the real value that they bring and how importantly they prioritise customer service. You also have the option of Pay Pal which is extremely important if you are taking payments using this method.

Cons To Choosing WPX Web Hosting

  • cPanel

WPX control panel contains many of the main functions of cPanel but it is not exactly the same if you are used to using it. I prefer the layout of cPanel but got my head around the layout pretty quickly after starting with them. It is slightly time consuming to learn, but once you learn how to navigate, it is actually more usable.

  • No Free Domain When You Sign Up

Most of the competitors offer a free domain name when you start a web hosting plan. WPX does not offer this service, so you will have to purchase one. If you would like to be competitive on price, you can look elsewhere and shop online for a better deal.

If you would like a great company for purchasing Domains, visit for a trustworthy option.

Final Thoughts

WPX is a new comer compared to all of the big names out there of web hosting providers. I looked at this as an advantage when I chose to take the next steps of my business with them and it has proven to be the right choice for me. I have learned to look out of the box and not only at the product I am purchasing but the way in which the company operates. Choosing WPX as your provider will not only give you speed, it will give you support through the tough times and a company that is dependable. This really sets them apart from everyone else. So if you are searching for a hosting provider with great price and heaps of free perks, not offered by other providers - WPX is for you

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